Chuck Adams

Tech Director

An example of the guy who “walks his talk”, Chuck Adams serves as Heart Zones Tech Director providing Tier 2 Tech Support on the Heart Zones System as well as all Heart Zones applications. He talks tech. He walks fitness. When the two are put together, Chuck Adams thrives.

For the first 25 years of Chuck’s professional life, he worked in public service in the safety sector as a fireman paramedic and police officer. During those two-plus decades, Chuck saw first hand the importance of being fit was a necessity to perform his job. At the same time, he learned as a paramedic the effects of low-to-no fitness and how it can cause poor health and vitality outcomes for individuals later in life. For Chuck, health and vitality all starts with the heart and heart rate sensors and the feet with Striders, foot pod trackers.

As Chuck admits, he’s a jack-of-all IT- trades. For the subsequent 15 years, Chuck has specialized in a variety of technology positions including networking, app development, database management, and cloud storage. As the Heart Zones company transformed itself starting in 2015 by adding hardware, software, and devices to it’s programs, education, and intellectual property, Chuck is a perfect fit to provide the robust technology support needed for a fast growing enterprise’s customers.

As an avid volleyball player and coach, Chuck uses the Heart Zones methodology and the companion technology to improve his personal fitness level as well as that of his volleyball team. Using the power of tech, the power of live bio feedback, Chuck, like Heart Zones, is growing the power of personal fitness data as a tool to do his very best. Based in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, Chuck is ready to talk to all Heart Zoners about living like HAL, Healthy Active Lifestyle the Heart Zones way.

Margie’s commitment is to bring the Smart PE Movement, developing smart kids and using smart devices, and its companion technology to every school in California and ultimately, America.