Corene Marshalek

Director of Business Operations

Corene Marshalek, now residing in sunny California, was born and raised in the Midwest where she graduated from Ferris State University, FSU with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration. During her time at FSU, Corene expanded her studies to receive certificates in both Sociology and Non-Profit Organization as well as an Associate’s Degree in Commercial Art. Her creativity knows no bounds as she is an accomplished artist, specializing in graphic art, paintings, and even floor to ceiling murals.

Corene’s recent adventures include becoming a Certified ZUMBA FITNESS Instructor and opening the new CfiT Dance Studio in South Sacramento, CA. She enjoys teaching people that attend her daily classes how to get the most out of their cardio and reach their fitness goals by dancing to Latin and world rhythms. On her own mission to offer low cost fitness classes to the community, As you can tell, Corene’s experience in health and fitness, along wither her entrepreneurial spirit make her a wonderful part of the Heart Zones. As Director of Business Operations she really is the glue that holds things together.