John Saville

John Saville

Director of Business Development, Heart Zones Health

For the past 35 years, John Saville’s passion is to help people take charge of their health with the powerful outcome of living better longer. As Heart Zones Health’s Director of Business Development, he is committed to the technology, methodology, and programs that lead to those results.

After graduating with a degree in Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo in Canada, John has worked in Canada, Europe, and the United States with an impressive resume that started with work as a fitness instructor, developed physical education approaches, and today is deeply committed to supporting individuals and groups, especially active adults, live a healthy and fit lifestyle.

John’s current mission is to root out ageism by embracing aging with vitality through a more holistic approach to exercise, to encourage others to take charge of their health and to share the best practices and experiences of those who are reinventing aging. John believes embracing a wide variety of physical and mental strategies and solutions is the most effective way to ensure healthy aging.

Today, John works with his Heart Zones team to develop ways to enhance cardio-respiratory fitness and vitality using wearable technology, training health professionals, and providing educational support for the health market with an emphasis on active aging. John is an accomplished triathlete, cyclist, and runner living in Northern California.