Maya R. Heinert, MD, MBA

Director of Health

Dr. Maya Heinert is a Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physician with over 20 years of clinical and leadership experience in Healthcare. After many years spent attending to children and families in emergency and trauma centers nationwide, she realized that important elements of health and wellness were missing not only from many of her patient’s lives but also from her own. She left clinical practice to devote her skills to promoting enterprises and people whose purpose was centered on health and wellness.

An instant advocate for and admirer of Sally Edwards and her mission to “Make America Fit” one child at a time, Dr. Heinert accepted the position of Director of Health for Heart Zones in June 2018. Dr. Heinert will be the company’s liaison to the Healthcare sector and our clients and partners in corporate and organizational health. Her medical expertise will also play a role in collaboration and partnership with Heart Zones leadership in our Schools and Club sectors.

Dr. Heinert is Board Certified in General Pediatrics and Pediatric Emergency Medicine and completed her medical studies and training at Wayne State University School of Medicine and The Children’s Hospital of Michigan / Detroit Medical Center. She earned an executive MBA from California State University Sacramento. Dr. Heinert is active in her community where she is raising two children and advocates for causes ranging from public health issues to child abuse prevention. Her philosophy in medicine, as in business, is that doing good translates into doing well – healthy organizations attract healthy people and are profitable – and that our work is, or should be, the external manifestation of those things we believe in the most.