Paul has a Masters Degree in Exercise Science from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago. He is the team trainer for Team USA: world transplant team. He is a Certified Spinning™ Instructor, a Level 2 Fusion Cycling Instructor and Certified Retul Administrator. He has been the DePaul University Cycling Teams trainer for the past four years. Paul was a Category 2 cyclist competing on the elite circuit in Europe and has bicycled across the United States six times for his favorite charity PUSH America’s Journey of Hope to benefit children with disabilities

Bike Fit for Beginner

Cycling for Beginners

Cycling for Beginners Road cycling for beginners can be very challenging and down right frightful (especially in big cities with traffic).  Always take precessions and ride with someone who has experience and as always seek medical clearance for any program.  Now, as for you beginners…I want to help.  Here are few basic guidelines that will…

Heart Rate Cycling Workouts

Cycling Workout

Heart Zones Cycling workouts Cycling workouts really depend on the individuals goals and fitness level. Also, there is a big difference between indoor and outdoor cycling workouts. When training indoors I focus on heart rate based programs. Training in specific zones (a percentage of max heart rate) are important to me. Each training zone has…

Cycling Cadence

Cycling Cadence

Cycling Cadence Cycling cadence can be confusing. First off, it’s used interchangeably with RPM’s (revolutions per minute). In the world of indoor cycling RPM rule. In the world of out door road bicycling cadence is used. I prefer RPM’s for both because it describes exactly what we are discussing: revolutions per minute or leg speed…