What is the Heart Zones System?

The Heart Zones System is fitness technology software and data driven programs that engage, assess and motivate
physical activity using wearables to empower individuals to pursue safe and healthy active lifestyles.

We currently use this system within Physical Education Classrooms, Health Clubs,
Cycling Studios / Bike Shops and other health and fitness related facilities.

Physical Education

Use the Heart Zones System
to motivate students with Smart PE

The Heart Zones System empowers teachers to implement Smart PE, a teaching method that utilizes wearables with real-time data feedback to positively impact students’ health and fitness. This is the future of PE, and the future of PE is NOW!

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Drive club programs
and empower members
with smart fitness

The Heart Zones System allows clubs to meet their clientele’s needs for motivation and accountability toward their fitness goals with networked fitness technology.

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Real-time feedback
that will take your riders
to the next level 

The Heart Zones System features an open source that allows us to connect almost any bluetooth or ANT+ wearable device, as well as the capability to sync with majority of indoor spin bikes to track power and cadence. Designed by cyclers for cyclers, the unique cycling Big Board will blow you away!

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What makes the Heart Zones System great?

Wearable Technology + NO CHEST STRAPS

There is a lot of HYPE right now about wearables. In 2015 wearables were the #1 fitness trend. Heart Zones is on the cutting edge of the wearable trend with our Blink Armband, which is a NO CHEST STRAP heart rate monitor that we use prominently with the Heart Zones System. As for the big question, why is the Heart Zones System so important? The answer is simple. It takes data from these trending wearables and converts that data into actionable exercise prescriptions on an individual level. It personalizes fitness to individuals in a group setting! This system also sets itself apart from others by being an “Open System”, which means that almost any ANT+ or Bluetooth wearable device is able to be used with it.

 Heart Zones, Inc Patented Methodology

The magic behind this system is our Threshold Training System. Heart Zones’ metholodogy uses threshold levels to establish EACH individual’s heart rate zones. Many fitness technologies that track heart rate define zones based on maximum heart rate, which is determine using the formula “220-age”. At Heart Zones, we believe “220-age” is an inaccurate method to establish max heart rate, and therefore can lead to incorrect zones. Read more about 220-age here. By using the Threshold Training System to establish an individual’s zones of intensity, training programs can be personalized and fitness goals evaluated objectively!

Multiple Applications | Heart Rate, Step Tracking and Cycling

While heart rate is our primary focus, the Heart Zones System is also able to connect with other prominent feedback devices such as foot pods and bike power meters. The flexibility to measure different devices all within the same application makes our system a one stop shop for your group fitness needs!

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