The Heart Zones System is the perfect group fitness solution for all students ages. Whether you are looking for heart rate monitors or step trackers, our system is able to pair with nearly any wearable device to help you easily transform your classroom into a data driven Smart Physical Education program!

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Heart Zones SMART PE: Lessons Using Heart Rate Monitors & Step Trackers for Physical Education

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Heart Zones SMART PE: Lessons Using Heart Rate Sensors and Activity Trackers for Physical Education

Written by two of America’s premier physical education and health teachers, Sally Edwards and Deb Van Klei, your PE class will never be the same after incorporating their technology and methodology.

Quotes from PE Experts about Smart PE:

“The power of teaching PE the smart way with Smart PE is achieved by the fusion of technology and methodology into one.”
-Rick Gibbs

“Without changing the experience of the learner you don’t change the outcomes.”
-Jim Rickabaugh, Ph. D.
Executive Director, The Institute for Personalized Learning | a division of CESA #1

“Smart PE with the Heart Zones System will amazingly change the way you and your students look at and approach Physical Education every day!”
-Mike Mustar, Physical Education Teacher and Coach, Stillwater Area Schools, Minnesota

“It’s time for PE teachers to view learning as a joint effort. For the first time in the history of Physical Education, if teachers use Smart PE strategies with the Heart Zones System, students become self-directed learners. That is transformational and we should all be incorporating Smart PE into our programs.”
-Darrell Salmi, Physical Education Teacher and Coach, Stillwater Area Schools, Minnesota

Anti-Bacterial Wipes with Dispenser


Keep your students germ-free!

These anti-bacterial wipes will come in handy for cleaning your heart rate monitors after each use!

Roll of 2,000 and comes with a bucket dispenser.

It is important to stay active and healthy!

health club heart rate monitor

Heart Zones Blink 3.0 S

$99.99 $84.00

Heart Zones Blink 3.0 S powered by Scosche

Comfortable, Accurate and Attractive Heart Rate Sensor with NO CHEST STRAP REQUIRED
The Blink 3.0 S is a slight modification to the core Blink 3.0 model and is the perfect solution for capturing heart rate in the school physical education environment. It is a single button heart rate monitor that makes it EASY to use, while also functioning as one of the most accurate heart rate monitors available today.

Heart Zones Hanging Charging Station


Heart Zones Hanging Charging Station

The Heart Zones Hanging Charging Station is a sensor management system that can be hung from a wall or AV cart that allows for the storage and charging of your wearable sensors. Contains 49 numbered, clear vinyl, 4 1/2″ pockets that allows for the storage of up to 49 Blink Armband or Strider sensors. 1 1/2″ slits located in the back of each pocket allows for the insertion of the Blink Armband charging cradles for charging purposes. Contains 3 reinforced grommets for hanging. Made of heavy duty vinyl with sewn reinforced seams, total size- 39″ x 32″.

Heart Zones Plastic Storage Case


Heart Zones Plastic Storage Case

Adjustable plastic storage case that allows storage of up to 18 Blink Armbands or Strider sensors. Contains 15 removable dividers, heavy duty reinforced hinges and two positive snap latches keep boxes securely closed. 11″W x 6-3/4″D x 1-3/4″H

Lightning AV Adapter


Lightning AV Adapter to connect the iPad to HDMI

If you are looking to project the Big Board onto a TV, this AV adapter is going to be what you need.

Lightning to VGA Adapter


Lightning to VGA adapter connect the iPad to a Projector

The Heart Zones System is powerful on the iPad, but even more impressive when you project it onto the wall using a projector! Use this lightning to VGA adapter to get the Big Board display showing through you projector.

Pairing Pod


Pairing Pod powered by NPE

The pairing pod is an ANT+ detector, it reads the internal ID numbers on all ANT+ wearable devices.
If you have a POE Bridge in the ceiling and someone walks into the club or school there’s no way to pair the sensor to the application. A Pairing Pod provides the UDID of the sensor and adds the sensor to the Heart Zones PE app.

BoomBottle+ Portable SpeakerBoomBottle+ Portable Speaker

BoomBottle+ Portable Speaker


BoomBottle+ Waterproof Portable Speaker

The BoomBottle+ by Scosche is a spectacular portable speaker that pumps out some serious sound. Great to use both indoors and outdoors, whether during a workout or just for fun. Rugged, waterproof, and wireless, you are going to love this award winning portable speaker. Available in four different colors.

Heart Zones Strider - Step TrackerBoltt Stride Sensor

Heart Zones Strider S powered by Boltt


Heart Zones Strider S powered by Boltt

This step tracker is a great solution for PE teachers who are looking to get their kids moving more during class time. Easy to use, easy to setup and easy to understand, the data from these devices motivates kids to engage in physical education on a daily basis.

Heart Zones Bridge

The Bridge


“The Bridge”

The Heart Zones bridge is a key piece of the Heart Zones System, connecting wearable devices and converting Bluetooth and ANT+ signals into a wireless signal that communicates with our app. It has a range of 30-40 years and can connect an unlimited number of devices.