Blink 2A Heart Rate Monitor


Blink 2A Heart Rate Monitor

Easy-to-Use Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Flashing LED lights in 3 colors for heart rate zone

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The Blink 2A allows you to see your time spent in the easy “blue” zone, moderate “yellow” zone, and hard “red” zone.   PRODUCT FEATURES:
  • EASY-to-use, heart rate monitor watch, 3 flashing LED lights, easy observation of workout zone status
  • The Blink 2A is a time-of-day watch, a heart rate monitor, a stopwatch, and calorie counter – so it is ideal for keeping track of all of your activities.
  • Every Blink package includes: a wireless, water-resistant, watch-monitor with easy-to-read numbers and three user-selectable zone alarm modes; a transmitter belt that is EKG/ECG accurate; an adjustable elastic chest strap; a foam mount for monitor installation/use on bicycles and cardio equipment; workout cards, warranty and more!
  • Also includes in the box the free patented ZONING exercise program. 
                WHICH BLINK MODEL TO CHOOSE?                      Blink Models
EVERY Blink Model Comes With:      1A      2A      1D      2D
Time of Day Display (12- or 24-hour display option)       X       X       X       X
Display of a Dynamic and LARGE “Current Heart Rate” Number       X       X       X       X
Water Resistant Durability       X       X       X       X
Three Zone Alarm Modes:  Blinking LED, Audible Beep, Silent       X       X       X       X
Introductory access to ZONING, a patented fitness program from Heart Zones USA       X       X       X       X
The full backing and support of Heart Zones USA       X       X       X       X
Blink FEATURES and/or FUNCTIONS by Model:      1A      2A      1D      2D
One-Button Programming Ease       X       X
Two-Button Programming with Enhanced Functionality       X       X
Day, Date, and Month Display       X       X
Stop Watch Functionality       X       X
Data Capture of “Average Heart Rate”       X       X
Data Capture of “Peak Heart Rate”       X       X
Data Capture of “Time Within” Each of Three Training Zones       X       X
Data Capture of calculated “Total Calories Burned”       X       X
Transmission of the heart rate signal    Analog    Analog    Digital    Digital
Blink USE RECOMMENDATIONS by Model:      1A      2A      1D      2D
If intended for use in a water activity like swimming or water aerobics       X       X
If intended for use in an environment where you’ll be in close proximity to other heart rate monitors, and the possibility of equipment signal interference or ‘crosstalk’ exists       X       X
If intended for use with cardio fitness equipment like treadmills       X       X
If saving workout data for manual download is important for you       X       X
If simplicity, ease of use and/or economy are important for you       X       X
  *If you wish to display your heart rate on your phone then you will need to purchase a Blink 3.0 sensor.  The Blink 1&2 are HRM watches that can display heart rate from the included analog chest strap*

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Dimensions 7.25 × 2.0625 × 4.75 in


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