Heart Zones Blink 3.0


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Heart Zones Blink 3.0
Heart Rate, Step, and Cadence Sensor

**Online purchase limit of 3 Blink 3.0s per household**

Comfortable, Accurate and Attractive Heart Rate Sensor

The Blink 3.0 is constructed specifically for Heart Zones, Inc to provide customers with heart zones training functionality. It also carries dual functionality as a heart rate monitor and activity tracker, making it a favorite of the Heart Zones, Inc Team!

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Heart Zones Blink 3.0 | Heart Rate, Step, and Cadence Sensor

**Valid on online purchases ONLY. Online purchase limit of 3 Blink 3.0s per household**

Key Features:

  • No Chest Strap Required
  • Comfortably fits on your forearm or upper arm
  • Programmable for your own personal 3 heart rate zones.
  • It flashes colors that match the 3 zones for your ZONING or Threshold workout: Blue-Easy, Purple-Moderate, and Red-Hard.
  • Connects with the most popular health and fitness apps, including: the FREE Heart Zones Training app or others like Runkeeper, MapMyFitness, Strava, and more.
  • Waterproof up to 10-20 meters – Great for swimming and water aerobics.
  • Connects with the group heart rate training like the Heart Zones System.
  • Compatible with Garmin Vivofit wrist band which adds tracking steps and other step data as you are moving.
  • 8 hour battery life
  • 100 foot Bluetooth connection range
The new Heart Zones Blink 3.0 is a heart rate monitor/sensor that flashes 3 zone colors. It includes a programmable one-button sensor, one large and one small elastic armband, and one USB charger. The Blink 3.0 heart rate sensor/monitor is an all new workout tool for managing heart rate, calories burned, distance, pace, and more.  It also works seamlessly with any iPhone or droid app. It’s faster and easier to put on and more comfortable than bulky chest strap models, and it works with a wide array of devices from smartphones to tablets, fitness equipment to smart watches and other devices that support Bluetooth Smart or ANT+ heart rate data. It works with most popular fitness apps and has extended wireless range up to 100 feet. The Blink 3.0 is sweatproof, waterproof, and  has two optical sensor lights – green for pale skin color and yellow for darker skin color for enhanced accuracy – the only one of its kind that allows superior measurement with all skin tones. For the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad user get your FREE Heart Zones Training app named Heart Zones Training. *Blink 3.0 requires a smart phone with a compatible app to display workout data – we recommend the FREE Heart Zones Training application* Why the Heart Zones Blink 3.0 is different than the Scosche Rhythm+?
  • It is DUAL: both an activity tracker and a heart rate monitor all in one sensor.
  • Heart Rate: It Blinks 3 zones colors that you can set individually with ceilings and floors that are saved in memory when the Armband is turned off.
  • Step Count: It uses a built-in accelerometer to record the total number of steps for the session, step rate, distance traveled during a session, and step data is stored in memory if it is out of range of device.
  • Battery Level: ANT+ or BLE with firmware updates “on the fly” which is updated.

Additional information

Weight 4.17 oz
Dimensions 5.5 × 3.5 × 2.25 in

Black, Blue, Lime, Orange, Pink, Red

53 reviews for Heart Zones Blink 3.0

  1. Leslie

    As an avid runner, I have wanted to explore heart zone training for a while now. But chest straps are uncomfortable and other wearables were much more expensive. I am so happy that Heart Zones created a product that is simple, affordable, AND effective. I’m looking forward to zeroing in on my training now that I have this knowledge in my tool belt.

  2. Deborah Brooks

    I was pleasantly surprised by how easy the Blink 3.0 is to use. I’ve used it for indoor cycling rides and outdoor runs and found it very accurate. It’s so easy to use on my forearm above my running watch and go. I am just starting with heart rate training and look forward to delving into all of the metrics I can get. Love the pink color too!

  3. Train With Bain

    If you are interested in heart rate training, this is an excellent choice for your device. First, it isn’t “too much data and stuff.” Many of the running and sport watches out there are so complicated that the people who own them–and paid 2x or more what the Blink 3.0 costs–don’t use even half of the functions. Why pay for what you don’t need? Second, there is no chest strap. While this is arguably a smidge less accurate than a chest-strap heart rate monitor, it’s also about a million times more comfortable–especially if you are dealing with a sports bra. (Ladies, amiright?? It’s hard enough to find a sports bra that fits right and stays put, much less one that will also accommodate a chest strap.) Third, it is very easy to use, right out of the box. I watched one YouTube video, downloaded the app, and got right to work. The simple design means you can focus on your workout, not on trying to read tiny numbers on your wrist or pressing a bunch of buttons to get to the screen you want.

    I also appreciate that this device does not arrive in the ridiculous amount of packaging that most products seem to think is mandatory. Honestly, I don’t need a box inside a box, inside a shipping box with a bunch of packing, inside an envelope. (Yes, that is an actual description of a recently received item!)

    Now if you happen to have another device and are a data junkie, you’ve got options and Blink 3. 0 plays nicely with others 🙂 As a runner, I appreciate that there are companies like Heart Zones making products that are high quality, relatively easy to use, and NOT intimidating for a new user. Those of us who enjoy active lifestyles and encourage others to do the same have a hard time getting buy-in when it’s overly complicated and overly expensive. Blink 3.0 is the perfect solution–and I’m proud to serve as an ambassador for Heart Zones for that reason. Come join me in an active life with smart training!

  4. Ashton Leckrone

    This has been such a nice added tool in my training. It’s nice seeing which zone I am in DURING my run—that way I know when I need to push more or back off. Keeping track of your heart rate during a workout and then throughout the day is a really great way to stay tuned into your body and see how you’re dealing with stress and recovering. LOVE my monitor!!!

  5. Alandrea

    I’ve only been using this product a short time but thus far I really like what it has to offer!
    It’s super simple to use, and easy to put on and take off. I like that I can use it for all the activities I enjoy that include, walking, running, hiking, and cycling. I like that it can be worn on your forearm or ankle, and is easily adjustable.
    The best part is there’s no chest strap to wear! I love that I can save and monitor my workouts through the app, and how easily is pairs with my Garmin.
    Would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to track their heart rate for better fitness results!

  6. Wendy @Taking the Long Way Home

    After experiencing a decline in my running capabilities, I decided to use heart rate to guide my training. The Blink 3.0 has been the perfect solution! I wear the strap on my forearm above my Garmin. It’s comfortable and easy to see the flashing light. The sensor connects to the app on my phone and provides easy to interpret data. For more you can read the full review on my website: http://bit.ly/2ICAGg1

  7. Samantha R

    I was impressed with the capabilities of the Blink 3.0. I found it easiest to wear around my ankle as I hardly felt it there. I’m not a fan of chest straps! I like how it easily pairs with your phone, recording the data and saving it for future review. I think it would be awesome if you could somehow pair it to your watch as well.

  8. Jordanna B

    The blink 3.0 takes the guess work out of HR training . HR training is something I got into during my second pregnancy, I wish I had found this device sooner ! Easy to wear, accurate , AND water proof !!! I can’t wait to train with it properly postpartum !

  9. Erin W

    Love it! I’ve never heart rate trained before because most watch and wrist-based monitors are inaccurate, and the bulky chest straps aren’t comfortable for me. The Blink 3.0 is absolutely perfect for me, and I love being able to see my heart rate as I run through pregnancy!

  10. Tedrick Kelly

    Great product. I strap it up before every run I do and I love the the summary given on the app afterwards. Great way to know how hard your heart is working during activity. I highly recommend giving this blink 3.0 a try. Looking forwatd to trying the newest device

  11. Heather

    I’ve wanted to switch to heart rate training for a long time but wasn’t ready for a watch upgrade to have a heart rate monitor. This was my solution and I love it! It’s super comfortable and I often forget that I’m wearing it. I also like that you can wear it on your wrist, ankle, or forearm and it still works in all spots. As for the app, it’s really user friendly and gives you a lot of different data which really adds to my ability to gauge my effort on runs and time spent in the different zones. I really love this product!

  12. Carly

    I’m a long time runner who uses swimming as cross training. But in the past year, I have ventured from just running in marathons to dabbling in the triathlon. I do not know what I am doing on the bike, so using heart rate training is very helpful for me. I like the feel of the Blink 3.0 because it is light, no chest strap is required (just slip it on your arm), and it is visually appealing (and easy to read). Plus you can get the armband in about any color you want; I love PINK, it’s my favorite! I would highly recommend this product! I feel confident I can use this product to my advantage as I move forward in my triathlon training.

  13. Courtney Brown

    This monitor has been amazing for me during my training runs! It’s sleek and light, so I barely know it’s there, and it connects to the Heart Zones app and my Garmin easily. I struggle with keeping my heart rate low enough on my long runs, and this has helped keep me more honest by letting me set my goal zones, and alerting me when I get outside of them. My fave part about this is how it’s not at all bulky, and I can’t accidentally hit buttons as I’m pulling down my arm warmers on a cold day. Works perfectly, and the battery life seems to be even longer than advertised.

  14. Bret Gibson

    We use the Blink 3.0 monitors at our club to support our interactive heart rate monitored classes, as well as our club fitness challenges. They are comfortable, accurate, and aesthetic. We love the simplicity and stability of this monitor. Highly recommend it for individuals and group settings alike!

  15. Melissa Wyatt

    I have recently started using the Blink 3.0 during my 2nd trimester of my pregnancy and love the simplicity, comfort, and data I get in return on my runs by just looking at the flashing lights to give me my heart rate zones. I enjoy using this on my easy recovery run days to make sure that I am in fact keeping my heart rate where I want it. The convenience factor alone of wearing it on my forearm prevents the chafing and hassle of wearing a chest strap and would highly recommend this to any athlete or individual interested in monitoring heart rate during any level of activity!!

  16. Kelly

    I have just started using my Blink 3.0 in my current half marathon training cycle after doing a lot of reading on the benefits of heart rate (HR) training. I had always wanted to experiment with HR training, but many heart rate monitors require a chest strap and I definitely didn’t want to go that route, as I find chest straps to be annoying while running while also causing chaffing. The Blink 3.0 is super easy to use, comfortable to wear, data from it is downloaded on a convenient app, and the information that it provides has proven to be invaluable to my training. I am slowly realizing that I’m working too hard on my easy/recovery runs and also that I could be going a little harder on my workouts. If you like to be aware of and utilize the concept of heart rate zones in your training, the Blink 3.0 is perfect for you! I definitely recommend the Blink 3.0 to any athlete that is looking to improve through the use of data in their workouts.

  17. Amanda G

    I started using the Blink 3.0 a few weeks ago when my coach suggested I begin heart rate (HR) training, particularly for my easy and recovery runs. While I have a GPS activity watch with wrist HR data, I was concerned the readings weren’t always so accurate. I was thrilled to have something that was so light and comfortable to wear around my arm, instead of a chest strap (hello chaffing!). It did take me a skinny minute to get the app and the Blink to work together for me, but there was a great video to help walk me through getting it all ready for my first run. Since, I’ve been able to wear the Blink and get some interesting data – it seems I’m working a little too hard on the easy and recovery runs, but at the same time, I could probably work a little harder on my hard efforts (I’m not maxing out my efforts). It’s great to have this particular data stored on the app so I can keep looking back and see how I’m making improvements in this part of my training. I’m working my way to a NYC qualifying half marathon time and have just wrapped up a training cycle for speed work, so I’ll be getting in to longer training runs where knowing and gauging my HR will be so important! I’d recommend the Blink to anyone, from the serious athlete in training, to the individual who is just beginning a workout lifestyle, to the one who needs to keep a safe eye on their heart rate patterns during physical activity.

  18. Christina Marie

    I’ve been using the Blink 3.0 for 2 months or so. The Heartrate monitor itself is great. The charge last a few wears and it seems to be more accurate than other wrist HR’s. My biggest gripe is with the band that holds it. It doesn’t stand up against a sweaty arm as well as I would like. It slips down and requires re-adjustment often once it’s fairly wet. Also I’ve noticed that it has gained an order despite my hand washing to keep it clean.

  19. Kelli

    I just started training with the Blink 3.0 and am liking it so far. I have only used it a few times but I love that it makes me focus on slowing down for recovery runs. Would definitely recommend!

  20. Craig Simmons

    I absolutely love my Blink 3.0! I just did a 24 hr Ultramarathon, and I actually used my Blink to slow myself down. It was hot, and I needed to pace myself to leave something in the tank for later. The Blink was amazing! I love how easy it is to use, and I love that I can tell at a glance what zone my heart rate is, by the color of the blinking light. The Blink is so much more comfortable than a chest strap. This is the first heart rate monitor that I will actually use!

  21. Amanda

    I love my Blink 3.0! I got it a few months ago & it’s been a game changer for helping me train for my 1st marathon this fall (Chicago). I’ve been focusing on making my easy runs easier, so I can go harder on hard workout days & recover faster. I love that you can wear the Blink 3.0 on your arm instead of your chest because it is much more comfortable! All you need is the strap & your phone to get all the heart rate data you could ever need. I highly recommend the Blink 3.0 as a tool to help you train smarter.

  22. Danielle

    I started using my Blink 3.0 a couple of months ago and I am loving it! As a marathon runner, my easy runs should be kept EASY and the Blink Armband is great for keeping me in check. Just a quick look down to see what zone I am in based off of the blinking colored light and I know whether to push harder or pull back. I would highly recommend this to everyone!

  23. Ashlie

    I am so glad I got this easy to use Heart Rate monitor! It has been the perfect addition to my fall marathon training. I enjoy using it the most on my easy recovery runs so I can make sure I’m not pushing myself too hard. I love how it is small and fits perfectly around your arm without it irritating your skin or arm. I sometimes forget it is even on because it is so lightweight and comfortable. You’ll love this heart monitor to use for your training purposes too!

  24. Mary

    I received this heart rate monitor and have never looked back! I love it. It is easy to set up.m and use. When I am wearing it, i forget it is even on. No slipping, no chafing, and not too tight. I am a day fanatic so this little device is wonderful me. I recommend this product to all the runners out there. I always use it on my easy days to make sure I am not pushing it too hard and actually taking it easy so my body can recover.

  25. Brittany Pina

    I first heard of this brand at the California Association for Physical Education, Recreation and Dance conference. They brought in the Blink 3.0 heart rate monitors and set them up so that our “class” could monitor our heart rates while doing activity. I was so enamored by the idea of using these in physical education classes in the future that I immediately decided I needed to try one out myself as well. I have used it while running and while doing Crossfit. I love the fact that you can wear the monitor on your arm. I also love seeing the data after I’m done. The only downfall for me at the moment is the app doesn’t work on android yet, and I had some mild problems trying to get the band to connect to any other suggested apps. I was finally able to use my iPad and get it connected through the Heart Zones app and all was well. I can’t wait to get a set of these in my class! I’ve already recommended Blink 3.0 monitors to my fellow physical education teachers and a few other fellow runners as well.

  26. Ashley

    I received the Blink 3.0 to try out and am really like it so far. I have only used it a few times but it is very comfortable. I tend to forget I even have it on. I have never trained using a heart rate monitor while I’m training but it has been very interesting to see how hard or how easy I’m pushing my runs. I probably won’t continue to run by heart run, but will continue wearing it for my shorter runs. I do really like being able to see all the data after each run. Definitely would recommend this product.

  27. Jessie R Gipe

    For as long as I can remember, two of my dearest running friends have been running by heart rate. It wasn’t until Heart Zones Inc. reached out for a collaboration that I decided to see what all this positive talk was about. Besides, I was also deep into ultra racing season. Wearing the Heart Zones Inc. Blink 3.0 heart rate monitor has given me a visual on where exactly my ‘easy’ pace should be. It’s allowed me to either push or pull back on various workouts. Aside from the benefits it’s given to my running, I thoroughly enjoy that I’m able to wear it on my forearm. It’s comfortable, doesn’t chafe, and a single charge can last for hours upon hours. Will I continue running by heart rate? More than likely no, but I will continue running with my Blink 3.0 for multiple health reasons. There aren’t enough words to describe how great this product truly is. If you are unsure about the Blink 3.0, I highly recommend you purchase and see for yourself.

  28. Noelle

    I received the Blink 3.0 to try out and so far I’ve really been enjoying it. The band itself is very comfortable. I often forget I’m even wearing it. I love seeing all the data after my runs and to see the different levels my heart rate was at. I plan to continue using the blink for my training and am sure it will provide useful information to see if I’m performing at the levels I need to be to get the most out of my runs.

  29. Missy Smith

    I got the Blink 3.0 to closely monitor my heart rate while running through my second pregnancy, and I LOVE having the visual zones on my phone. While the old advice for pregnancy was to keep heart rate below 140, I know my limits by feel more than a number these days, but being able to attribute my effort levels to the corresponding heart rate has been so helpful and eye-opening. The strap is comfortable on my arm, and I love the bright color of the strap. I’m thankful to not have to try to strap it around my expanding rib cage! The accuracy is dead on when I’ve measured it against treadmill readings, and it feels so much safer to have the heart rate data displayed on my phone than trying to grab the sensors and hold on to the treadmill. Would recommend to anyone to better learn about their own patterns and exertion levels!

  30. Paula from NeverADullBling

    My watch doesn’t have an HRM, and I hate wearing a chest strap! Enter the Blink 3.0! It paired so easily with my watch, and now everytime I’m out running, I can see my HR on my watch face! Great gadget, great price! 5 stars!

  31. Parker Stansberry

    The Blink 3.0 has changed the way I train. It makes heart rate monitors and zone training extremely easy. Instead of having to wear a big strap around your torso, restricting movement and potentially the intensity of the workout, this one simply goes on your arm and has the same functionality. I can’t stop using it now. Great Product.

  32. Lili Farrar

    I was skeptical at first to use my Blink Armband as I am used to screen on other devices such as the Apple Watch or Fitbit. This was actually to my benefit. The simple color system keeps me in check while working out. Another great thing is the versatility of where to place the arm band. Having different options on the arm allows me to be more comfortable depending on my clothing choice. For beginner exercisers or people looking to focus in on heart rate I would defiantly recommend this product to them. It is accurate, budget friendly, easy to use, and the paid app makes for a great all around product.

  33. Erin Kirkland

    I love using my Blink 3.0 heart rate band. My Garmin has a heart rate monitor in it, but I cannot see my pace and my heart rate at the same time during a workout. I love that I can have the band on my arm and my Garmin turned on showing my pace, while seeing my heart rate zone based on the number of blinks. This way, I can monitor my heart rate and pace without having to push a button on my Garmin during a run. It’s a must have for me!

  34. Jenny Albertson

    This is the first heart rate monitor that I’ve used. I love how simple it is. There’s not a ton of buttons to push or numbers on the screen! You put it on, turn it on, connect it to the app and go. When you’re done it’s pretty easy to read your results in the app. It’s lightweight and comfortable and not nearly as annoying as a chest strap would be. You can’ read more about my thoughts on it on my blog http://www.runningonlife.com/2018/01/heartzones-blink-30-review.html but this is a product that I’d feel really good about recommending to others. And it’s a lot cheaper than some of the other heart rate monitors out there!

  35. Rachel

    My cardio of choice is running. I can recognize without using a heart rate monitor when I’m in varying zones. But I’m sidelined with injury and I’ve started to cycle instead. The Blink 3.0 has been a game-changer for me on the bike. Instead of struggling to make sure I’m working hard enough during my workouts, I now have the data to back it up. I know when I’m in the zones I need to be in for maximum cardio benefit which has taken quite a bit of mental anxiety off my workouts! I can’t wait to use it on my runs as well.

  36. Jessica

    I appreciate that I don’t have to hit a bunch of buttons or tap my screen to check my heart rate. The blinking light allows me to see which zone I’m in with a quick glance. The Blink 3.0 is comfortable, easy to use, and accurate! I use it everyday.

  37. Jennifer

    The Heart Zones Blink 3.0 has become an integral part of my training! I have a chest strap that I was normally unwilling to wear because it’s uncomfortable and would slide around. No more! The Blink 3.0 is so comfortable and it stays exactly where it’s supposed to on my arm! Plus, it really makes it easy to actively see which heart zone I’m in so I know if I can push more or if I need to back off. Using the heart zones to understand my training has been a game changer and I’m in love. Added bonus – it’s still comfortable even under a long sleeve top and I could still see the light blinking! That has to be the coolest thing ever.

  38. Steve Brown

    The Heart Zones Blink 3.0 has been a welcomed addition to my training. Set up was very simple and feedback has been extremely accurate. The Heart Zones app interface is also very user friendly, intuitive, and provides exactly what I’m looking for, both in a real time and historical environment. The Blink has even a value add to my fall marathon training. LOVE this product.

  39. Terry Schilling

    The Blink 3.0 has become a great workout partner for me. It does an awesome job of tracking my heart rate and helping me with my fitness goals. Plus, the app is super user-friendly and easy to keep track of progress and goals. Every time I have gone for a long run using the Blink 3.0 it has been very accurate compared to other fitness trackers I have worn. All the equipment is easy to wear too, I know I used to shy away from HRM like this because they can be bulky and uncomfortable but the Blink is easy to adjust and I honestly barely know it’s there. I look forward to tracking my progress and getting better prepared for upcoming races with the Blink 3.0.

  40. Dana

    My Blink 3.0 has been awesome so far! I’d been wanting a HRM but didn’t want to wear a chest strap. I’ve been wearing my Blink 3.0 on my forearm and not only does it seem to get accurate readings, but it’s also super comfortable! The data I get in the free HeartZones app is great, and I found the setup video on the HeartZones site very useful as I got my Blink up and running. I’m looking forward to using it more as I train for upcoming races!

  41. Runnergirl Training

    I found the Heart Zones Blink 3.0 to be very easy to use! It did a great job recording important and useful metrics from my workout. I used it on a couple of runs both indoor and outdoor. Unlike some fitness wearables it still accurately recorded my distance when running indoors. That is a huge pet peeve of mine when your running distance is not accurate when on a treadmill verses outside. I am happy to say the Heart Zones Blink 3.0 recorded accurate distances for indoor workouts.
    Another favorable aspect about the Blink 3.0 is to visually see time spent in the different heart rate zones. It is very helpful to see on a graph if your warm up was too light or too intense. Also when you think you are pushing the pace you can see what heart rate zone you are truly in and gauge if you need to increase or decrease your effort level.
    The wristband material is breathable and easily dries following my workouts. It includes a USB charger and an additional larger strap. I like that the Blink 3.0 feels lightweight to wear. The strap is easily adjustable during mid workout. I really like that there is not an annoying chest strap. The Blink 3.0 is lightweight and I never even think about it being there when working out. A really cool and unique feature is that it flashes the color of your heart rate zone while you are exercising. So amazing to have instant training feedback!

  42. Sara

    I really enjoy using the Blink 3.0 during my workouts! The arm strap is a way better alternative to a chest strap that doesn’t leave chafing. I keep track of my heart rate zones and workouts through a convenient app on my phone. I would recommend this for others who want a heart rate tracker!

  43. Joshua Deuermeyer

    I have owned the Blink 3.0 for several months and must say this is my go to HRM device. The Blink and I have logged hundreds of miles on foot and cycling throughout the Virginia countryside. With a push of a button, the Blink quickly syncs with my Fenix3 and provide very accurate data throughout my work/race. The adjustable cloth band is comfortable on wrist and forearm for the duration of my workout. After my workouts, I just rinse the Blink off and place it on the charger, so it’s ready to go when I am.

  44. Tara Burns

    I LOVE my Blink 3.0! I really like that it isn’t an uncomfortable chest strap. You wear it on your arm and it’s so lightweight and comfortable that you don’t even realize you are wearing it. I love being able to see the flashing lights that tell me what zone I’m in. That helps me to stay on track during runs or workouts. It comes with it’s own free app so you can sync your data right on your phone or device. And it’s great that the data is so easily and quickly accessible. It was very easy to set up and it’s simple to use. I would highly recommend this heart rate monitor to any athlete!

  45. Teresa

    I’m in love with the Blink 3.0! It is the most comfortable HR monitor I’ve ever used. It’s ease of use and accuracy is unbeatable. I’ve paired it with several apps, my Samsung Gear smart watch and the LifeFitness equipment at the gym. I love that a quick look at the blinking lights will let me know which zone I’m currently in and can adjust my effort level accordingly. A great product, versatile and invaluable for those who want to HR train!

  46. Kristen Van Horn

    I LOVE how easy the Blink 3.0 is to use! I don’t have to worry about numbers and can easily glance at my wrist to know exact what zone I am in! It was so easy to set up and GO! I don’t have to worry about wetting sensors or getting it to stay put under my sports bra! Highly recommend!

  47. Heather Winchell

    LOVE that The Blink 3.0 is not a chest strap. I’ve worn it on my forearm and upper arm and prefer the upper arm. The strap has never caused my to chafe like the chest straps have. I’ve paired it with mapmyrun on my phone when I’m on the treadmill and Garmin 220 when I run outside. I can’t wait for them to come out with an Andriod version of their app. The blinking colors on the device help you know what range your in, which is helpful.

  48. Marcia

    The Blink 3.0 was a game changer for me! I’m so happy be free of an uncomfortable chest strap. The monitor slips right on my forearm so I can see the colored blinking lights and adjust my workout accordingly to stay in the desired zone for maximum workout benefit. I love that I can use it with a variety of popular apps. The Blink 3.0 has been a constant fixture on my arm all summer when heat takes a toll on my running performance. By watching my heart rate I can back off my pace accordingly. That is priceless. Great product!

  49. Jolene Abanses

    Love using my Blink 3.0 on runs and in the gym. I can see the flashing light indicating my zone easily while running. I find the armband very comfortable to wear. I use it on my forearm or my upper arm and both are comfortable and accurate. One of my favorite features is how easily it pairs with my Garmin 630. I would definitely recommend this to other athletes.

  50. Holly Wilson

    The Blink 3.0 is the most comfortable heart rate sensor you will ever wear! Not only does it come with its own app, it also syncs with a variety of other apps and devices. I love the different colored flashing lights (or “blinks”) that indicate how hard you are working. I’ve never had an issue with it losing my heart rate during exercise as I have with other devices. I would definitely recommend this product.

  51. Matt Maynard

    Wait you can receive a accurate heart rate without having to wear a chest strap? Sign me up! Well I received the Blink 3.0 and my runs have never been better. I have the ability to manage my heart rate synced up directly to my Garmin ForeRunner 630. I’ve been needing this for quite awhile now. Easy to use and holds a charge for several hours. The flashing light colors are easy to read and will target your heart rate zone. Paired with the app the Blink 3.0 becomes deadly!

  52. Darrell Salmi

    I enjoy using my Blink Armband because it is easy to use and I do not need to wear a chest strap. Plus, the free Heart Zones Training app allows me to save and track my workout real time. I highly recommend this to my friends and anyone else looking for a trustworthy sensor.

  53. Alex Johnson (verified owner)

    The Blink Armband has been a perfect solution to my desire for an accurate heart rate monitor where I didn’t need to wear a chest strap. I would recommend this to friends

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