Heart Zones Blink 3.0 C powered by Scosche

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Heart Zones Blink 3.0 C powered by Scosche

Comfortable, Accurate and Attractive Heart Rate Sensor with NO CHEST STRAP REQUIRED

The Blink 3.0 C is an ideal solution for any health club looking to offer heart rate training in their individual or group training environments. Easy to use, comfortable fit and highly accurate!

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Blink 3.0 C for Health Clubs | Heart Rate Monitor/Sensor

This heart rate sensor is a great solution for any health club looking to make heart rate training available to their clients/members. With a simple 1-button for powering on and off, it is easy to use for members and easy for coaches/instructors/trainers to explain. Pairs with seamlessly with any iPhone or Android app and is a great choice for any group or individual training program. This is a great option for pairing with a Heart Zones System for Health Clubs. Learn more at how the Heart Zones System works and how it can help you generate more members, improve current members fitness and retain those members longer!

Key Features:

  • No Chest Strap Required
  • Comfortably fits on your forearm or upper arm
  • Programmable for your own personal 3 heart rate zones.
  • It flashes colors that match the 3 zones for your ZONING or Threshold workout: Blue-Easy, Purple-Moderate, and Red-Hard.
  • Connects with both the Heart Zones PE app as well as the Heart Zones Training app as part of the Heart Zones System technology and programs.
  • Waterproof up to 10-20 meters – Great for swimming and water aerobics.
  • 8 hour battery life
  • 100 foot Bluetooth connection range
Why the Blink 3.0 C for Health Clubs is different than the Scosche Rhythm+?
  • It is DUAL: both an activity tracker and a heart rate monitor all in one sensor.
  • Heart Rate: It Blinks 3 zones colors that you can set individually with ceilings and floors that are saved in memory when the Armband is turned off.
  • Step Count: It uses a built-in accelerator to record the total number of steps for the session, step rate, distance traveled during a session, and step data is stored in memory if it is out of range of device.
  • Battery Level: ANT+ or BLE with firmware updates “on the fly” which is updated.
How to use the Blink 3.0 with your FREE Heart Zones Training app:

Additional information

Weight 4.17 oz
Dimensions 5.5 × 3.5 × 2.25 in

Black, Blue, Pink, Red, Yellow


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