Check Out Station for 20 Heart Rate Monitors


Check Out Station for 20 Heart Rate Monitors

Allow Students or Clients to check out HRMs during class

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The clear plastic “Over the Door”  controls and protects your set of heart rate monitors for schools and facilities from additional wear and keeps them orderly. Built to last, our unique Check Out Station has individual pockets for 20 monitors and transmitter belts. If you are looking for a simple to hang up your heart rate monitors for groups this is it – it has a white linen look but made of vinyl. Water repellant, wipe clean vinyl check out station protects and stores your collection of heart rate monitors giving you a “quick look” to see if they have all been check out or returned to you. Size: 18″ x 54″ (46 cm x 137 cm)

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Weight 12.2 oz
Dimensions 13 × 7 × 1 in


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