Heart Zones Strider C


Heart Zones Strider C powered by Boltt

This step tracker is a great solution for club owners and instructors who are looking to provide members with an effective workout tool. Easy to use, easy to setup and easy to understand, the data from these devices motivates members on a daily basis and enables instructors to effectively assess their progress levels.



Heart Zones Strider C powered by Boltt | Step Tracker for Health Clubs

With slight variations for the core Heart Zones Strider, this step tracker for health clubs is an accurate and easy to use wearable device. It is unique in that it transmits both and ANT+ and Bluetooth signal, allowing it to pair seamlessly with any app or device. Club owners, instructors, coaches and members alike love this solution to help them gather data and improve their workouts. It is based on patented SDM technology that analyses a 360-degree motion of the foot and results in the computation of steps, distance, instantaneous speed and instantaneous cadence. It is small enough to attach to shoe laces or fit in the mid sole of a compatible shoe. It is smart and lightweight and gives data with 95% accuracy. It is the most advanced running wearable to capture and analyze running metrics along with stride sensing and motion analysis capabilities.


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