Suunto Fitness Solutions Team Pack


Suunto Fitness Solutions Team Pack

Group heart rate training displayed on the wall or the flat screen – it’s big screen display

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Designed for personal trainers and group activities like indoor cycling, the Suunto Fitness Solution is group heart rate training displayed on the wall or the flat screen – it’s big screen display. Watch this video. The system allows for the display of 42 different people simultaneously. The display is color coded using the low intensity Zone 1 Blue Zone through the color spectrum of Zone 5 Red Zone. The elegant software solution provides percentages, absolute heart rate, caloric expenditure, training effect number, heart rate profile, and much more – plus – it is all digital which means no cross talk. Easy to set up. Rock solid electronics – works every single time. Includes hardware, software, and support from Heart Zones USA. Click here for more details: ◾Suunto receiver-unit that picks up the heart rate signal that has 60,000 unique codes or individuals. ◾5 “dual transmission” digital transmitter belts ◾Software that both displays the data but provides data storage on your PC computer (not the cloud) for latter analysis. ◾2 hours of consulting time with Sally Edwards, Heart Zones USA’s Head Heart to provide you with everything you need to know to be successful. Essential for indoor cycling, personal trainers, boot camps, and all other individual or group exercise classes at your health club. Call Heart Zones USA on (916) 481-7283 for much more information today because the price depends on how many transmitter belts, support services, and collateral materials. We’ll provide you with a quote based on your needs. You need to obtain separately either a projector and screen (or wall) or a flat screen displays (TV). This is a demo unit. We have only two available for sale. Both are in excellent condition and used possibly 20 times total.


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