One of the most unique features of the Heart Zones System is its “Open System”, designation, meaning that it is capable of connecting to over 160 different activity trackers. This allows great flexibility in usage. Whether you would like to connect a heart rate sensor or pedometer etc, you have a lot of options with our system. The magic of being able to do, is the WASP “Bridge Device”.

The bridge

The Bridge

The key to being able to display real-time fitness data is the WASP. This small device takes both ANT+ and BLE (Bluetooth) signals from your wearable device and converts those signals into a wireless one that can be transmitted into the Heart Zones App. This device is the “bridge” that glues the process together.

Blink Armband

Blink 3.0 Armband

The Blink 3.0 Armband is one of our recommended sensors to use with the Heart Zones System. It allows for heart rate and steps to be captured without the need for a chest strap. They are comfortable, accurate, and easy to take on and off. They are the perfect solution for trainers and club owners who have struggled with adoption of heart rate monitors in the past due to chest straps.