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What is EPOC Exercise?

And How Heart Zones is Different It’s not a secret that the EPOC method of exercise and training is a hotly debated topic within the industry. Popularized by OrangeTheory Fitness, EPOC exercise is used as a weight loss training method and leads people to believe they can burn off extra calories for 36 hours after…


How To Elevate Your Treadmill Running Workout

With Heart Zones Patented Technology Many avid fitness folks have been dedicated to treadmill running for years, but few see lasting results. Unfortunately, a lot of people continue with their semi-productive treadmill running workouts and begin to plateau. So, how do we fix that? If you share the Heart Zones mindset, you know it’s time…


The Importance of Physical Education In Schools

Our communities, schools, students, and teachers are facing unprecedented challenges including social distancing, sanitization protocols, shifting instructional formats (i.e., hybrid models, virtual programming) and fiscal responsibilities. As the COVID crisis continues, Heart Zones remains dedicated to stressing the importance of physical education. Two clear results of the current constraints in education are the spike in…


Assistant Professor Conducts Key Research on SPARK and MVPA

How Heart Zones Helped Collect the Data As fitness-focused technology pioneers and innovators, Heart Zones is on a mission to get America fit—and it starts in the classroom. Whether kids are engaging in person, or in a virtual or distanced learning environment, it’s important to provide PE teachers, schools, students, and families with tools that…


How Nutrition Impacts Your Fitness Goals

Why You Need a Healthy Eating Plan We all know that food is a necessary part of life. Most of us eat 3 meals a day, and even have a few snacks in between. And while eating is something many of us don’t spend much time thinking about, the foods you choose have a HUGE…


Finding The Best Workout Music for You and Your Heart

With Heart Zones Curated Playlists Picture this. You’re on the last rep of a new personal record in the weight room, or you’re on the home stretch of your final lap around the track. Heart is pounding, sweat is pouring down your back, and your headphones are buzzing to the sound of a beat. We…


How MVPA Benefits Physical Education Metrics In Schools

What MVPA Tells You About Your Students’ Activity Physical education is a crucial part of developing healthy lifestyles, and Heart Zones is dedicated to helping students develop a lifetime of fitness using personalized data through the Smart PE Movement™. Our mission is to teach students and train teachers how heart rate and other data points…

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