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We love the sport of triathlon! It is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and we encourage everyone to learn more about it. Find article below on different triathlon distances, training tips & insights from some of the sport’s best athletes.

Triathlon Training, Tips & Motivation

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Find some best selling products from Heart Zones that may help your triathlon training.

Additional Elastics for Blink 3.0


Replacement Elastic Bands

Looking for replacements / additional bands for your Heart Zones System? Click here. Need to replace some older bands for your own personal Blink 3.0? Grab your replacement armbands here. Available in two sizes and multiple colors.

Blink Armband Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Zones Blink 3.0

$99.99 $84.00
Rated 4.93 out of 5

Heart Zones Blink 3.0
Heart Rate, Step, and Cadence Sensor

**Online purchase limit of 3 Blink 3.0s per household**

Comfortable, Accurate and Attractive Heart Rate Sensor

The Blink 3.0 is constructed specifically for Heart Zones, Inc to provide customers with heart zones training functionality. It also carries dual functionality as a heart rate monitor and activity tracker, making it a favorite of the Heart Zones, Inc Team!

Additional / Replacement Elastic Bands


Additional / Replacement Blink 3.0 Elastic Bands

Hey Heart Zones System users. Do you need different size bands or to replace older worn out Blink 3.0 armbands? These are easy to swap on and off.


The color options are red, orange, pink, lime, blue and black.

Heart Rate Monitor Guidebook

The Heart Rate Monitor Guidebook


The Heart Rate Monitor Guidebook

The Heart Rate Monitor GUIDEBOOK is the definitive book (aka the bible) and the resource for training with a heart rate monitor in the zones.