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Learn to connect your head to your heart! We love heart rate training and we want you to as well. Learn about Max, Threshold, Zoning and more!

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A Heart Rate Training and Technology Company

Heart Zones, Inc is dedicated to helping to “Get America Fit” and a big part of doing that comes in the form of training through using wearable technology that provides tangible biofeedback to learn how to train better and smarter! Sally Edwards, Founder and CEO of Heart Zones, Inc …

Sally Edwards and the team at Heart Zones, Inc have spent the last 25+ years working to connect our hearts to our minds. We believe that heart rate training is the most important way to train, no matter what sport or exercise you are doing. Heart Rate Training at its best includes the use of a heart rate monitor as a technology tool and an accompanying heart rate methodology. The combination of methodology and technology allows you to better understand what is truly going on in YOUR body during YOUR workouts, so that YOU can do YOUR best! Learn more heart rate training and the different methods to setting your zones such as ZONING, Threshold, and Max Heart Rate.

Wearable Technology was the top fitness trend in the country for 2015. Whether you are wearing a heart rate monitor or using a pedometer, there is so much that you can learn from the feedback that wearables provide. We use wearable technology in our Heart Zones System as well as all of our Heart Zones Training and Coaching. We have developed our own heart rate monitors, the Blink Heart Rate Monitors, that uses a blinking LED light to provide immediate feedback as to what heart rate zone you are training in.

It is vital to your health and fitness that you are constantly learning and trying new things. Every year there are new fitness routines and workouts that spread across the country. Every year there is new technology that is released to help you get into shape. Every year there are new thoughts and methodologies that arise to help you get fit. At Heart Zones, we are committed to helping you find the right information to “get fit”.

If you are a personal trainer or a coach then we want you to be continually learning about how you can help your clients and students improve. If you are an athlete, we want you to learn to run longer, swim faster and set new PRs. No matter who you are, we are committed to your fitness and continuing to provide educational resources for you to do your best!

Heart Zones System Highlights

Interview from April’s SHAPE National Trade Show in Minneapolis, MN

Check out how Darrell Salmi, a Heart Zones System (HZS) showcase teacher, uses his HZS to evaluate MVPA and objectively assess his students!


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